Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Dichotomy of a borderline Generation Y-Z

The trouble with being born on the cusp of being a Generation Y and Z is that one never quite knows where they fit in.

The Generation Y’s grew up thinking they could have it all; the successful career, comfortable home, adoring husband and perfectly turned out children. The Generation Z’s on the other hand, know that feminism wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Granted, it may have emancipated women and liberated them from Austen-era inferiority, but did it really make them happy? Was all that pressure to be perfect really what they wanted?

The Generation Z’s are of a different school of thought. Yes, they want the comfortable home and glamorous globe-trotting lifestyle, but they’re not willing to put in the effort that their elders once did. They are the “have it now” generation. They want their cake and before they can utter the word ‘Laduree’. They have become accustomed to the swiftness of the Internet, where they no longer wait for their celebrity gossip to reach them by that old-age method of press, magazines, rather a quick glimpse on Perez Hilton. Further where it is no longer even necessary to meet with friends to know what they’ve been doing or to see their photos, rather they can peruse over Facebook, or even ‘stalk’ ex-boyfriends.

So here is the dilemma of the Gen Y-Z modern girl about town. Is she the career driven super woman or is she the newer model who seek their lifestyle through well-endowed men (by that I mean a healthy Coutts account and an SW1 postcode) rather than their own effort or red-brick education?